Conversion Rate Optimization - User Experience and Funnel

User experience is a visitor’s attitude towards your site. It shows the user involvement and attitude about using a particular product or page. To convert in maximum numbers, you have to set a commendable user experience. This can be accomplished simply by providing the users with their exact need without hassle and within 2-3 clicks. They should not have to navigate pages in search of an actionable button. It is compactly how your site looks, its loading time, is it easy to navigate and how less the hassle a visitor encounters while investigating it.

User experience is of far more significance to channel optimization. When visitors keep visiting, they perform the assignment and keep moving through the channel.

Funnels/channels are fundamentally the number of steps a consumer takes after landing on a website till reaching the optimum conversion level. You should decrease the number of steps to get great outcomes.

For an ecommerce organization funnels might be in any of the following segments −

  • Website home page
  • Product category page
  • A product page
  • A cart page
  • Payment page

So from the above funnels, we can discover the user experience data. Let us play with the numbers.

Following data are dummy numbers obtained from an Analytics tool −

  • Home page – 80k sessions
  • Category page – 60k sessions
  • Product page – 10k sessions
  • Cart page – 3k sessions
  • Payment – 2.5k sessions

From the above data, we can conclude that from the Category Pages, users don’t go to the product page. Leave rate from category pages is exceptionally high.

Why the exit rate is so high?

Now here comes the need to optimize our category pages. Is there any issue with the design? All the products are tagged with category pages or no? May be the category pages doesn't have the content that’s why the people take an exit from the category pages.

In the same example, if we have the following data for a site.

  • Home page – 80k sessions
  • Category page – 60k sessions
  • Product page – 50k sessions
  • Cart page – 3k sessions
  • Payment – 2.5k sessions

From the above example, we can see that the issue is with cart pages. So we need to check why people are not adding the product to cart? Is there any problem with the cart button? Or is there any problem with the design of the cart page? Is the cart button easily viewable? So make sense of the issue with the data. This kind of a research is called the funnel optimization technique.

If we optimized our funnel, then we can enhance the user experience on our website. When carrying out a funnel optimization we indirectly improve user experience. It is briefly explained in the following points −

  • We keep a check on vague clicks, inappropriate page navigation, breadcrumbs setting, page load time that compel the user to exit. Working on these factors means you are reducing friction.

  • Funnel optimization reduces visitor’s doubts and hesitation.

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