Conversion Rate Optimization - Tips

Being a advertising champion, needs a well-laid strategy, planned tests, great gut feeling, calculations and lot of efforts put in the correct direction.

Following are some pointers which will be useful in turning a successful optimizer.

  • Learn from your mentors. See how they are incentivized. How they reached their objectives.

  • Hypothesize first and then test.

  • Test on qualitative data.

  • Learn from real customers. Record their feedback. What is disappointing about your product. Learn from case studies. Hire a professional, probably a consultant, who can assist you make better choices.

  • Involve other departments of your organization. Keep in mind, as many people as many brains. All others can help in your test.

  • The primary result should be revenue not just increase in numbers.

  • Be a leader. Learn more. Develop your organizations.

  • Don't give up and don't get agitated over non-resulting tests as I previously said not all tests win. Don’t get disappointed. Attempt again with new information.

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