Conversion Rate Optimization - Definition

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a cycle of analyzing the data, statistics and site insights to improve the performance. Just expressing, it is expanding the percentage of converted visitors on your website.

You need to figure out the potential in your site. Search for what clients are looking for and how you can fulfill their need to the fullest.

Importance of Conversion Rate Optimization

There are many reasons why Conversion Rate Optimization should be your top priority. Some of them are explained here −

  • Free customers − It draws your customers free of cost. You don't need to spend so much on advertising like AdWords. Cost per click is rising with a steep rise in the cut-throat competition in each zone. Marketing channels like AdWords influence away your budget quickly.

  • Winner take it all − To compete with your customer, you don’t need to endeavor hard. You just need to perform better than them. Conversion rate optimization lets you understand your brighter side.

  • Assist you financially − An increase in conversion rate adds up to 10% increment in benefit and that too with no additional spending.

  • No scope of loss − Conversion rate optimization gives you no loss. You can attempt it without issues.

  • Robust business − With CRO you can spend more on other advertising channels. This makes your business stand out. It helps you get ahead in competition.

  • Customers’ short attention span − With rising social media, the quantity of page views increase, however simultaneously the consumers have a short attention span that did not prevail earlier. Now when you have listed yourself, you need to differentiate to stand out. For this, you need thorough conversion rate optimization to make clients place attention on your product.

  • Customer ease − CRO helps you legitimize and smooth your business. It carves a clear path from the landing page to the purchase button. A client expects a purchase in a single click and easy access. It really improves the layout of your marketing store or what-so-ever you are into. CRO reduces friction and customers’ anxiety.

  • Immediate results − It gives you immediate results unlike search engines. You can see a higher rate of conversion. It gets your ball rolling for a long term. The main thing required here is consistency.

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