Content Marketing - Examples

While there could be a thousand best examples of content advertising, we’ll discuss here three brands, who are making the most compelling content, ideas, and methodologies.


This has to be one of the smartest community building campaigns by any organization so far. It is a platform for Ford clients to share their ideas and stories with Ford. Ford utilizes all kinds of content – articles, photographs, videos – to tell their story, while never failing to make it all about the client.

Lauren Lake

Lauren Luke was a make-up artist who struck gold with her video tutorials on YouTube – which aggregately have over 135 million views and 500,000+ subscribers. She has built a bigger brand out of YouTube than many top cosmetic organizations on YouTube, all because of her DIY makeup video tutorials.

Baby Center

Baby Center is hands down the most educational website ever. It has a ton of information-based articles, all of which are very well written and applicable to people who are planning for a baby or are learning to become guardians. This site is a stellar example of how to create highly informational articles to address the issues of your audiences.

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