Artificial Intelligence - Issues

AI is developing with such an incredible speed, sometimes it seems magical. There is an opinion among scientists and developers that AI could develop so immensely strong that it would be hard for humans to control.

Humans developed AI systems by bringing into them each possible intelligence they could, for which the humans themselves now seem threatened.

Threat to Privacy

An AI program that perceives speech and understands natural language is theoretically capable of understanding every conversation on e-mails and phones.

Threat to Human Dignity

AI systems have already have just begun replacing the human beings in few industries. It should not replace people in the sectors where they are holding dignified positions which are pertaining to ethics such as nursing, surgeon, judge, police officer, etc.

Threat to Safety

The self-improving AI systems can become so mighty than humans that could be extremely hard to stop from achieving their goals, which may lead to unintended consequences.

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