Amazon Marketplace - What to Sell?

You can discover what to sell links on the Amazon webpage. There are huge number of products open to sale for both Individual and Professional account holders aside for some marked by asterisk for which Individual account holders need to take prior approval. These are, however, open for Professional account holders.

Once you make up your mind to sell on Amazon, just do not jump in with both feet. Browse through the category lists by clicking the sell on Amazon link on the homepage and see what general category products are feasible for you. Following is the gist of what products you should avoid selling.

  • Illegal products − Amazon displays a list of banned products for each category, mostly illegal and unsafe products or products that promote violence in any form like firearms, toy guns, crossbows and different weapons.

  • Hacking devices like radio jammers and cell phone unlocking devices.

  • Fraudulent or deceptive products − Amazon doesn't permit products that infringe on others’ trademark like fake-branded clothing, shoes, bags, or watches.

  • Prescription drugs, for they might be fatal whenever consumed without advice.

  • Alcohol, though sale of wine from Amazon certified merchants is permitted.

The product you are listing should be authentic and certifiable. If you claim to be selling a certain product, then the product you ship to the customer should be the same, nothing similar or close about.

Now that you are well-versed with what to avoid selling, you should reach to selling of more and various products. It would be helpful if you choosw a professional merchant account. Once you have an account, you can generally go to the Amazon Help Center for any question or help.

Selling Used Products

Another significant question that often pops up is whether you should sell new or utilized products? Amazon is an ideal platform if you want to get rid of some unwanted stuff at home and make some money out of it.

Many categories listed on Amazon allow selling of utilized products like used books, DVDs, electronics and sports kit. You simply need to ensure that you list the product condition correctly and give most possible details, failing which you will receive a negative input from customers who will rightfully demand a refund.

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