Amazon Marketplace - Selling in Bulk

In this section, we will discuss about selling the products in bulk on Amazon Marketplace.

Promoting Your Products

When you begin enjoying the sale of your product, you will have a mission to generate more demand for your product. You may want to stick to the following tips for the same −

  • Expand globally − Sign into the Seller Central and go to Inventory. Select ‘Signup for International shipping’ from Manage FBA Inventory. Signing with Amazon FBA Export, you will be distinguished and enabled to export all the export-eligible products on With FBA Export, Amazon delivers your product to international customers at no extra cost to you.

  • Give exciting offers for promoting your product − Sign in to Seller Central and go to Advertising, then Manage Promotions. Adding offers to your products are an incredible method to provide more visibility to your product.

  • Expand the portfolio of your product − Lace your product with striking pictures and details to have an influential portfolio. You may anytime sign into the Amazon Seller Central and view your Business Report.

  • Register for sponsored products − Sponsored products let you advertise the products you listed on Amazon. Choose the keyword you need to target and set a costper-click bid for it. There is no charge for registering. You will be charged only when your ad gets clicked.

  • Take advantage of Amazon FBA service − When you use FBA Service, you have a chance to sell more during the busiest days of the year which helps you focus more around your business.

Automating Business

Amazon permits you to automate your business with the help of its FBA Service. It ships individual orders and you need not hurry to a post office every day to ship the order. Even the returns are handled smoothly and the entire negative feedback related to the fulfilment experiences are taken up by Amazon itself.

All the inquiries related to the order status and tracking details are handled automatically. Hence, there is no need for any tech work, no website maintenance hacks, no warehouse maintenance issues, no worries about storage, package or delivery and no customer dealings on your part. FBA goes about as a savior by automating almost 90% of your business.

Third-Party Sellers

Third-party sellers are independent sellers who offer a variety of new, used, or refurbished products. Amazon has 2 million-plus third-party sellers across the globe who sell about 47% of units shipped by Amazon. These sellers have encountered an astonishing revenue growth by using the Amazon platform and their number is increasing four-folds every year. The majority of them, even the biggest sellers put their faith in Amazon FBA Service.

Third-party sellers themselves are an asset for Amazon for they give an incredible amount of selection and increase the client choices. They make up for a competitive environment resulting in bringing down the prices of an article which attracts more customers towards Amazon.

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