Amazon Marketplace - Best Practices

To guarantee that Amazon integration works easily with your store and you have a voluminous sale, there are a few best practices that needs to be taken care of.

You should remember the following in mind in order to use Amazon Marketplace in an effective manner −

  • Get a Pro Merchant Subscription rather than of an Individual one.

  • Sell with FBA service instead of taking the big responsibility of delivery the product yourself. It will help you in dealing with the huge influx of orders without taxing your time and assets.

  • Stay competitive amongst the highly rated seller and focus to win the Buy Box.

  • Work upon the customer’s feedback. Attempt to implement genuine advices.

  • Make sure the currency you use in your Amazon seller account is a similar currency you use in your store.

  • When applying a Sale Price to an Amazon listing, set a ‘Sell Start Date’ and a ‘Sell End Date’ to restrict the amount of time you will be offering the item at a lower cost.

  • Add unique listings. Unique products are more liable to make a decent deal.

  • Provide discounts to lure the customers.

  • Have enough inventories to satisfy Amazon orders within the specified shipping time frame.

  • For Amazon orders, add the shipping technique and the tracking number to the order before clicking Complete Order to guarantee that the tracking information is sent back to Amazon. Only one tracking number can be utilized for one order.

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