Ajanta Caves - Nearby Places

Ajanta caves is very popular among the travelers and many of them come from different places in India and abroad to visit the caves and explore about their history. Other than these, there are many other places which the tourists can visit nearby Ajanta caves. Some of these places are as per the following −

Kailasanatha Temple

Kailasanatha Temple is a Hindu temple located in cave 16 of Ellora caves. The temple was worked from a single stone and depicts the Kailash parvat or Kailash hill where Lord Shiva resides.


The temple has a pyramidal structure and has pictures of many gods. The temple also has an picture in which Lord Vishnu has taken an incarnation in the form of a man-lion and battling with a demon.

Bibi ka Maqbara

Bibi ka Maqbara is also called as Taj of Deccan. It was constucted by Aurangzeb in the memory of his wife Rabia ul Daurani also known as Dilras Banu Begum. The mausoleum was built with white marble on a square stage.


There are four minarets, one each at its four corners. A museum is also there on the rear side of the monument which has things used in Mughal period.

Aurangabad Caves

Aurangabad Caves are situated between Satara and Sihyachal mountain ranges. These caves have the temples which were built in between sixth and eighth centuries. The temples in the caves were based on Buddhist design. There is a popular shrine that is based on Sutosama Jataka.


Daulatabad Fort

Daulatabad Fort is situated on a 600 feet high hill. The development of the fort is based on the forts constructed on ground and hills. Three walls, known as kots, surround the fort so the fort is considered as one of the most power forts.


Bhadra Maruti Temple

Bhadra Maruti Temple is located in a town called Khuldabad. It is a Hindu temple where tourists assemble especially during the festival of Hanuman Jayanti and Ram Navami. The idol of Hanuman is installed here in sleeping posture. On Saturdays, people come from Aurangabad come here by walking to perform puja.


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