Aihole Temples - How to Reach?

Aihole has only road network so it is easy to reach here by road. Aihole doesn't have airport or railway station. The nearest railway station is Bagalkot and Goa is the nearest airport. Bagalkot is 34km away and Goa is 230km away from Aihole.


Some of the nearby cities to Bagalkot is as per the following −

  • Bagalkot to Bangalore

    • By rail – 615km

    • By road – 534km

  • Bagalkot to Mysore

    • By rail – 741km

    • By road – 597km

  • Bagalkot to Chennai

    • By rail – 980km to 1223km (depends on the route as there is no direct train)

    • By road – 828km

  • Bagalkot to Hyderabad

    • By rail – 465km

    • By road – 417km

  • Bagalkot to Hubbali

    • By rail – 151km

    • By road – 131km

  • Bagalkot to Bijapur

    • By rail – 97km

    • By road – 86km

  • Bagalkot to Solapur

    • By rail – 163kms

    • By road – 185km

By Air

Aihole doesn't have its airport however the nearest airport is Goa which is 230km away from Aihole. Goa airport or Dabolim airport is an international airport that connects Goa from cities in India and abroad. The airport is 30km away from Panjim, capital of Goa.

By Train

Aihole doesn't have railway network however the nearest railway station is Bagalkot which is 34km away from Aihole. Bagalkot is well-connected with many cities though very few trains have stoppage here.


No rajdhani, shatabdi, garib rath and other premium trains run from here. Even superfast trains also don't run on this route however superfast express trains and passenger trains have stoppage here.

By Road

Aihole doesn't have bus station but buses come to nearby cities like Badami, Hubbali, Bagalkot etc. Tourists can get taxi from there to reach Aihole. Pattadakal is connected with Aihole through National Highway 14.


Local Transport

Aihole is a very small place and travelers can visit the entire town by foot. There are local bus services that can be found in the inner part of the town.

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