Agile Methodology - Definition of Done

The meaning of done for User Story, Iteration, and Release is given below.

User Story

A user story is a requirement which is planned in a few sentences in regular language of an user and it should be finished within an iteration. A user story is done when

  • All the related code have been checked-in.
  • All the unit test cases have been passed.
  • All the acceptance test cases have been passed.
  • Help text is written.
  • Product Owner has acknowledged the story.


An iteration is a time boxed collection of user stories / defects to be worked upon and accepted within the release of a product. Iterations are characterized during iteration planning meeting and finished with an iteration demo and review meeting. An iteration is also termed as a sprint. An iteration is done when

  • Product backup is complete.
  • Performance has been tested.
  • User stories have been accepted or moved to the next iteration.
  • Bugs have been fixed or postponed to the next iteration.


A release is a major achievement that represents an internal or external delivery of working, tested version of the product/system. A release is done when

  • System is stress tested.
  • Performance is tuned.
  • Security validations are completed.
  • Disaster recovery plan is tested.

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