Agile Data Science - SQL vs NoSQL

The complete focus of this study notes is to follow agile methodology with less number of steps and with execution of more useful tools. To get this, it is important to know the difference between SQL and NoSQL databases.

Most of the users are aware of SQL database, and have a decent knowledge on either MySQL, Oracle or other SQL databases. Over the last several years, NoSQL database is getting generally adopted to solve different business problems and requirements of project.


The following table shows the difference between SQL and NoSQL databases −

SQL databases are primarily called Relational Database Management system (RDBMS). NoSQL database is also called documentoriented database. It is non-relational and distributed.
SQL based databases incorporates structure of table with rows and columns. Collection of tables and other schema structures called database. NoSQL database incorporates documents as significant structure and the inclusion of documents is called collection.
SQL databases incorporate predefined schema. NoSQL databases have dynamic data and incorporate unstructured data.
SQL databases are vertical scalable. NoSQL databases are horizontal scalable.
SQL databases are good match for complex query environment. NoSQL don't have standard interfaces for complex question development.
SQL databases are not attainable for hierarchal data storage. NoSQL databases fits better for hierarchical data storage.
SQL databases are best fit for heavy exchanges in the specified applications. NoSQL databases are still not considered comparable in high burden for complex transactional applications.
SQL databases offers excellent support for their vendors. NoSQL database still relies on community support. Only few specialists are available for setup and deployed for large-scale NoSQL deployments.
SQL databases focuses on ACID properties – Atomic, Consistency, Isolation And Durability. NoSQL database focuses on CAP properties – Consistency, Availability, and Partition resistance.
SQL databases can be named as open source or closed source based on the vendors who have selected them. NoSQL databases are classified based on the capacity type. NoSQL databases are open source by default.

Why NoSQL for agile?

The above-mentioned comparison shows that the NoSQL document database totally supports agile development. It is schema-less and doesn't totally focus on data modelling. Rather, NoSQL defers applications and services and thus developers get a better idea of how data can be displayed. NoSQL defines data model as the application model.


MongoDB Installation

Throughout this study notes, we will focus more on the examples of MongoDB as it is considered the best “NoSQL schema”.






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