A/B Testing - Overview

A/B Testing (also known as Split testing) characterizes an approach to compare two versions of an application or a web page that enables you to figure out which one performs better. It is one of the easiest approaches to analyze an application or a web page to create a new version. Thereafter, both these versions can be compared to find the conversion rate, which further helps in finding the better performer of these two.


Let us expect that there is a web page and all the traffic is directed to this page. Presently as a part of A/B Testing, you have made some minor changes like headlines, numbering, etc. on the same page and half of its traffic is directed to the modified version of this web page. Now you have version A and version B of the similar web page and you can monitor the visitor’s actions using statistics and analysis to determine the version that yields a higher conversion rate.

A conversion rate is characterized as the instance, when any visitor on your site performs a desired action. A/B Testing enables you to determine the best online marketing strategy for your business. Take a look at the following illustration. It shows that version A yields a conversion rate of 15% and version B yields a conversion rate of 22%.


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