Times are quickly changing. Academic organizations everywhere the globe are busy managing their management systems as a result of like alternative sectors the tutorial sector too is engulfed within the economic and social windstorm. Their solely aim appears to organize people World Organization will carve a distinct segment within the technology driven world, technologies that are transforming the globe like never before.

User Friendly System

Easy to use if you are IT peroson or not. Anyone with the basic knowledge in IT can operate it.

Hosted On World Class Server

Server is the backbone of any software, it makes us to provide you the most reliable and stable product.

Data Security

You need not to worry about any important data being stolen. Only administrator has been allowed.

Cloud Based Hosting

Our Software is accessible anywhere in cloud. Your data is safe from virus and kept secure!

Centralized Management

A centralized everything that is located, stored and maintained through one palace.


As per technological growth, we are also upgrading & maintaining our system day per day.

Unlimited Account

We don't have any limitation to create account, unlimited no. of accounts you can add in system.

Individual Login

It helps you to separate logins, and all features as per needs (Institute, teachers, students, parents)

Graphical Report

We represent most of the things in graphical way to analyze everything easy to understand.

Activity Monitoring

We track everything for illegal activities, we track ip address also for security reasons.

Eco Friendly

We put all data and your reports are stored on the cloud, the use of paper and files only when needed.

Data Migration Tools

It consists, Custom Data import tools in many format for easy migration from your system for all features

Secured Password Management

Easy recovery of lost password or change your password anytime for complete security.


Our highly experienced teams provide Remote trainings as per your need always.

24/7 Support

Open and professional staff that is ready to help you. Team TSC is there to offer 24/7 support to help.

Initutive & Modular

Each component of the system has placed modular so that data & reports appear where they need.

Resource Optimization

It overcomes the complexity of the day-to-day operations and to manage its resources with efficiency.

360 Degree View

Have students records - such as study notes, attendance, courses, fees, timetable, curriculum ready.

Career Guidance

We have also motivator circle for career guidance of students, Student need to contact us for any guidance.

Job & Placemnet

We are alos working a job portal for our students only, Launching this module as soon as possible.

Combined Circle all over India

We are managing internally to combined all students at everything at a place for easier.

Search Engine Optimized Website

We provide a page for all institution which is already optimized .

All type of Study Notes

We provide all types of study notes here to upload and view for share idea & view.

Refer & Earn

Anybody can earn also, with our TSC referaal program policies. To know more Click Here

Parents Can monitor

In parent account, they can monitor his child improvement, so that they can take decision further.

Share your idea

We have a blog program in all panel, so that anyone can share their idea through blog.

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